25 Ağu 2016
Ağustos 25, 2016

Energy Saving LED Bulbs

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LED bulb is adopted spherical shell, LED chip light sources. Which have all the advantages of LED lamps such as energy saving, environmental, long service life and no flicker.

Incandescent lamp is prohibited gradually by the national governments in the tense global resource environment  of political and economic, with the replacement of energy saving lamps.

Energy-saving lamp is more energy saving effect, but due to the use of a lot of environmental pollution by heavy metals which contrary to the trend of environmental protection.

LED bulb is a new kind of energy saving lamps alternatives to traditional incandescent bulbs,  currently use LED bulb is using high power LED chip, in order to prevent glare problem, the material of shell are frosted glass or acrylic .

With the high-speed development of LED lighting technology, LED lighting is becoming a new type of green illumination. The level  of LED luminous principle, energy-saving, environmental protection are much better than traditional lighting products.

LED bulb is used the existing way of interface, namely, screw, jack way (E26 / E27, E14, B22, etc.), and even accord with the habits of people to imitate the appearance of the incandescent light bulb. Based on LED light-emitting principle of unipolarity, designers changed the structure to make the LED bulb steep light distribution curve of the basic point source of convergence with incandescent bulbs.

Based on LED light-emitting characteristics, , LED bulb light structure is relatively complex than incandescent light bulbs, basicly divided into light, drive circuit, radiator, which these parts fit together to make a low energy consumption, long life, high photosynthetic efficiency and environmentally friendly LED bulbs. Therefore in current LED lighting products is still high technical content of the high-tech lighting products.

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