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Ağustos 25, 2016

How to choose LED lamps in office?

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Outdoor LED lighting and public LED lighting are widely applied in the present market, and the home LED lighting and commercial LED lighting are also permeated slowly, but the office LED lighting is later.

The current office LED lighting products  are mainly applied LED panel light, LED fluorescent tube, LED line lights and Lifting LED bar lights, etc. Office illumination is about 400-500 lx, if you need a better work environment, illumination can be increased by 50%.

The LED lighting in open-style offices

This office is generally in customer service center and technology office of open office space, therefore, in terms of lighting, should be as much as possible on all surfaces for full and uniform illumination, all workstations can get sufficient lighting for efficient work.

LED lighting in open-style office

LED Lighting should be beneficial to employees’ physical comfort, health, safety and felling. The main lighting can be applied LED panel light or LED line light.

The LED lighting in the manager’s office

The manager’s office often reflects the manager’s grade and individual character, high quality furniture, art and other decoration paint a picture of success and business prospects for colleagues.


In general, conversation is  frequent in the office as well as making all kinds of decisions for the company development. The LED lighting shall meet at least 300 lx illumination, the LED lighting in sitting area should be soft, intensity and  illumination in the 200 lx is better.

It Can used 3 w or 5 w LED panel light. High-power led line high bay  lamp can be mounted on the suspended ceiling.

The LED Lighting in the Office  Corridors

The LED lighting in the Office corridor should be transited naturally, intensity of illumination should be controlled in around 200 lx. It is suitable to use LED tube or the method of LED lamp belt, but avoid using smooth reflector.

The LED Lighting in Retiring Room and Reception Room

LED LIGHTS IN OFFICERetiring room and reception room is equivalent to the “business card” of the company, the first impression is very important, LED lighting can help the company to achieve the desired effect, the office atmosphere is given priority to with ease, it can apply LED panel lamp or LED assembly line panel light.

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